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Learn which fruits and vegetables are at their peak no matter what the season — spring, summer, winter or fall — along with easy, delicious recipe ideas.

bunch of rainbow colored carrots

How to make fruits and vegetables taste delicious

Here’s the secret: Zoom in on what’s in season and you’re 99 percent there. Another tip: Haunt your local farmer’s market and the produce sections at the grocery store.

Choose vegetables that look alert and lively, with their greens still attached (if they’re root vegetables like carrots and beets) and otherwise unwilted, firm and crisp.

Your attention will be reflected in your cooking, because produce tastes amazing when it’s fresh and vibrant.

The following chart is a guide to navigating the seasonal cycle of beautiful fresh vegetables.

Use the recipes as a starting point for cooking inspiration, and have fun savoring every moment of the year!

Seasonal Vegetable Recipe Planner:


What's in season in fall? Seasonal Produce Planner

What’s in season:

Brussels sprouts | Pomegranates | Winter squash | Sweet potatoes | Cauliflower | Broccoli | Cranberries | Grapes | Pears | Pumpkin and Winter Squash

Fall Recipes:

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red onion, chicory and radicchio vegetables

What’s in season:

Radicchio | Kale | Parsnips | Onions | Root Vegetables | Fennel | Broccoli Rabe | Beets | Celery Root | Potatoes | Citrus Fruits

Winter Recipes:

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Spring Produce Planner

What’s in season:

Ramps | Asparagus | Peas | Rhubarb | New potatoes | Fava beans | Carrots | Strawberries | Radishes

Spring Recipes:

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Summer vegetables: Multi-colored tomatoes, zucchini, peppers, onions, greens

What’s in season:

Tomatoes | Basil | Corn | Summer squash | Zucchini | Eggplant | Stone Fruit | Berries | Cucumbers | Melons

Summer Recipes:

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