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Familystyle Food is a recipe website that is grounded in a commitment to the highest standards of quality and integrity. 

About Karen Tedesco

I created Familystyle Food as a source of trustworthy recipes for delicious meals to cook for family and friends.

I am a trained photographer, recipe developer, and cooking professional, driven to inspire and support home cooks who want to level up their cooking skills. Food has always been the center of my career as a restaurant cook, culinary teacher, food journalist, and personal chef. Through that experience, I have refined my technique into an encompassing cooking methodology. 

Audience engagement

  • Familystyle Food’s engaging content has attracted a robust audience, with nearly 10 million annual pageviews.

Originality and creativity

  • Drawing from my cooking background and personal experience, I have created every one of the hundreds of original recipes published on this site and personally tested them, typically multiple times.
  • I never publish “copycat” recipes, copy/paste from other sites, or publish AI-generated recipes.


  • If a Familystyle Food dish was inspired by a recipe authored by a fellow creator — be it a celebrity chef, cookbook author, or culinary expert — I take care to explain its origins. That includes explicitly crediting the source.

Recipe testing

  • As a professional chef and recipe developer, I am committed to thoroughly testing my recipes at least twice before publishing them, documenting each step in words and photographs for accuracy and precision. I use widely available equipment that is easily accessible and affordable to home cooks.
  • I depend on digital scales to measure weight, measuring cups for volume, and timers for calculating cooking times. 
  • My recipes are written clearly and concisely, easy to follow and reliably reproduce.


  • I photograph each recipe step and capture images of the finished recipe in my home kitchen. I use a digital SLR camera and natural light, styling the photo to highlight the qualities of every dish.
  • My photos are not artificially enhanced or digitally altered, other than to adjust brightness, contrast, and sharpness.

Commenting policy

  • Cooking is all about sharing and community. The comment section on Familystyle Food is a forum for users to ask questions or share their cooking experiences with fellow home cooks. Users are strongly encouraged to upload their own photos to share.
  • All comments are moderated. No one is perfect: Critical comments are welcome when stated clearly, with specific references to confusing or seemingly inaccurate information.
  • Abusive, hateful, or derogatory statements will be deleted.

Nutrition disclaimer

  • Nutrition information for each recipe is calculated using a third-party software program. Data is supplied as a guideline only. Users with strict dietary restrictions are encouraged to consult their preferred nutritional database.

It is my great pleasure to share foolproof, meticulously tested recipes with you. My goal is to help fill your life with fresh ideas for cooking and gathering around the table.

Karen Tedesco, creator
Familystyle Food