Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here!


I have to confess right off that bat that I’m pretty much always craving some particular thing to eat or cook. That must explain why I love what I do!

My appetite is sparked by the sensuality of food – all the colors, textures and smells.

What you’ll find on Familystyle Food:

  • Content that sparks your appetite and gives you tools and ideas to cook, eat and live well.
  • Lots of seasonal produce and what I call “real” food in my recipes, which I like to keep pared down and unfussy.
  • Tested recipes that are geared toward healthful meals made from scratch, with minimally processed ingredients. Many are vegan and/or vegetarian so there’s something for everyone.
  • They range from quick and easy (ready in less than an hour) one-dish mains and salads to simple desserts and dishes to make for entertaining and relaxed weekend cooking.
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About Familystyle Food:

Familystyle Food is inspired by the tables of my childhood in Rhode Island, in an old-school Italian-American family where long Sunday dinners were a ritual.

Looking back I can see that those hours spent around the table were a gift from my grandparents.

It was the best way they knew to keep family bound together and nourished, as generations multiplied, kids grew up and babies were born.

Maybe because of that, I’m drawn to the simplicity of rustic food. Mediterranean for sure, but also from cultures where dishes are shared communally, from big platters that get passed around the table.

My Background:

I’m Karen Tedesco, a freelance recipe developer, cookbook author and photographer. I am the former food editor at the Village Voice in New York City.

I was professionally trained in restaurant kitchens. I’ve worked for many years a personal chef, planning dinner menus and shopping for all the fresh ingredients needed for a day of cooking in one of my client’s kitchens.

My passion for cooking healthy whole food led me to pursue certification in holistic nutrition from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

To recharge, I often listen to music, spend time with my family and read fiction and cookbooks (naturally!). 

I’m also pretty dedicated to yoga and exercise and try to fit in time for movement daily.

I look forward to cooking with you!