italian spritz cocktail

Italian Spritz cocktail

I made this little drink. Well, truth be told I’ve been making it (and ordering it at bars) quite a bit recently. I wanted to raise a glass especially to say cin-cin as I celebrate a new look for familystyle food and the Spritz seemed a perfect choice.

I’m smitten with the new cookbook from the restaurant of the same name; Polpo, “A Venetian Cookbook of Sorts”. It’s got everything I want in a book, cooking related or not: great stories and photography, maps, and a really stunning design. I’m in love with the book’s Japanese-style exposed binding, which looks strangely sexy to me. Like a 19th century woman stripped down to nothing but her corsets and crinolines….oh, wait, I’m getting off topic.

Polpo: A cookbook of sorts

I meant to say I’ve been flipping through the book, getting hungry and wanting to buy a trip to Venice. The recipe for a Spritz in the book – the way they do it in the Veneto – is made with white wine and soda water. It made me thirsty, but I like mine with Prosecco because the wine and bubbles are all in one.

I also like Aperol in place of the more usual Campari, but that is a personal choice. Aperol has a tiny bit less bitterness.

Giving this blog a facelift has been on my list for a long time. But life, work, fits and starts complicated the process a bit.

I finally found a perfect fit with Katelyn Baird and Smitten Designs – I’m so, so happy I did. I’ve become a fan of Katelyn’s blog Katelyn Brooke too..she shares smart, savvy ideas about design, life and style.

A simplified, clean layout and way to print recipes was my main agenda, but I also updated my logo with Katelyn’s help. I hope you’ll come and visit me here often. I promise there will be drinks. And lots of good things to eat.


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italian spritz cocktail

Yield: makes one drink


  • Ice
  • 1 slice of lemon
  • 3 ounces Prosecco or sparkling wine
  • 2 ounces Aperol or Campari


  1. Fill a small rocks glass with ice. Squeeze in the lemon. Pour in the wine, followed by the Aperol or Campari. Garnish with additional lemon slice and drink.


  1. Oh my. I think I’m in love!!!

  2. Hi!

    I live in Veneto- in Treviso, and the Spritz is my favorite cocktail as well. Just FYI- in the Veneto they actually ALWAYS make Spritz with Prosecco, as Prosecco comes from the region, and I have never been in any bar where they make it otherwise so I don’t know why this cookbook would say they make it with white wine.

    Great blog!

  3. Aperol spritz (with Prosecco) is one of my favorite cocktails. First had it 2 years ago in Venice.

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