Everyone seems to love glazed carrots — they are so delicious served as a side dish or as a complement to any number of simple meals. This foolproof glazed carrots recipe makes tender, sweet, perfectly cooked carrots in a glossy, buttery sauce. The carrots cook in less than 15 minutes on the stovetop and could not be easier to make. Serve them up on a platter with a squeeze of lemon and some chopped herbs.






Peel the carrots and trim off the stem and tapered ends.

If some of the carrots are thicker, slice them in half so they’re all about 1/2-inch in diameter.

This will ensure they cook quickly and evenly.

Cut the carrots into pieces about 1 1/2-inches long, on the diagonal.

Put the carrots in a large skillet. Add the water, butter, sugar, salt and pepper. Place over medium-high heat, cover and cook 8 minutes.

The carrots should be fork-tender at this point (not mushy), with a liquid sauce in the pan.

Bring the sauce to a boil over high heat and cook about 5 more minutes, uncovered, until the liquid reduces and a glaze forms.

Squeeze lemon wedges over the carrots and sprinkle with fresh parsley or carrot top greens.

Serve the carrots on a platter, with the sauce poured over.