Creamy, tangy lemon tahini dressing is all-in-one sauce or salad dressing that’s so versatile you’ll want to use it on everything. Make the dressing and keep it in the fridge to use all week as a sauce for roasted veggies and grain bowls. Or make an instant salad with chopped greens combined with any kind of protein you like! Tahini dressing is naturally vegan and dairy-free.


Tahini paste

Extra-virgin  olive oil

Fresh lemon juice

Apple cider vinegar

Garlic clove

Hot sauce



Place all ingredients in food processor work bowl.

Pulse until smooth and creamy.

Store tahini dressing in a jar and refrigerate up to a week.

Enjoy! Try drizzling it over a big leafy green salad...

Serve as a dip with assorted crisp raw vegetables like carrot sticks, cauliflower and broccoli florets, sugar snap or sweet peas.

The possibilites are endless!