"This is SOOOOO helpful — all the things I TRY to remember when making pasta, all in one place." --Liza

Welcome to cooking pasta 101! Read on to learn the three basic steps for cooking pasta start to finish, and my tried-and-true pro techniques for how to cook perfect pasta at home, every time!

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Look for dried pasta that’s bronze cut and made from durum semolina flour.

Pick a large, deep pot that holds 4-6 quarts.

For cooking pasta, the perfect ratio of salt to water is 1 tablespoon kosher salt or coarse sea salt per quart of water.

A slotted wooden spoon is perfect for stirring and testing the doneness of pasta.

Different pasta shapes and brands will have different cooking times — Stir frequently, and taste the pasta at intervals.

What you’re going for is that all-important al dente texture. If you break open a piece of perfectly cooked pasta, you should see a core of lighter yellow inside.

Perfectly cooked pasta is delicious with simply butter and cheese.