Spiced Apple Quinoa Cookies

Part of my work as a personal chef requires that I help people navigate their varied dietary issues – we all have one or two, right? As one of my favorite songs goes, Everybody Got Their Something.

Along with my clients and their specific needs, I cook for family and friends with all kinds of issues: dairy sensitivities, gluten intolerances, allergies, certain lifestyle choices like veganism – among other things. It makes a girl need to be on her toes!

Doing taste research – with my mouth wide open – is fun for me. I love learning about new techniques and different ingredients, because no matter the dietary restriction the end goal is to create – and eat – something delicious.

I like quinoa as a healthy alternative to everyday grains like rice, but I hadn’t gotten around to baking with it.  I’m certain that the explosion of people suffering from gluten intolerance and celiac disease has pushed quinoa into the mainstream and onto grocery store shelves.

That’s a good thing. The tiny quinoa seeds are packed with protein, fiber and nutrients. The flour is just as nutritious and a something of a miracle for those who need to avoid wheat flour.

I had some quinoa flour in the pantry just waiting to be played with, so when I saw a recipe in Feast magazine by Linda Daniels of St. Louis gluten-free bakery Free Range Cookies I knew it was time.

My very own personal teeny, tiny food restriction is an allergy to bananas (What?? I know – they feed bananas to babies!) so I substituted applesauce for the bananas, a common replacement for eggs in vegan baking.

I liked the way the cookies turned out; softly chewy, moist, spicy and sweet…delicious.


  1. These looks amazing! I think I might try to bake them sometime soon. I have quinoa, but no quinoa flour. I figure I could just grind it up in my spice grinder.

    Hey, remember years ago when you offered to send me quinoa because we didn’t have any in Springfield? Well it’s funny because now it’s all over the place! Even Wal-Mart.

    • Lindsay – yes, I do love my work. But I too dream of being in the kitchen all day, cooking, sampling and taking pics – my usual work day is much more hectic than that! I lug all my gear and food to each of my client’s homes, so that part is the least fun. Amazing that I come home and still want to get my hands on food…

      Emily, yes you probably could grind the quinoa if you have the right tool. Not sure if a regular food processor would work, but a grain mill or high-speed blender might…LOL, thanks for reminding me about the quinoa! That seems so long ago, but not really. Things do change for the better sometimes.

  2. Genius! These look amazing (and healthy!)

    I have to ask – do you love being a personal chef? I love teaching, but after days like today, I dream of just being in the kitchen all day and baking, taking photos, and sampling treats. :) I’m sure there are ups and downs to being a personal chef, just like any job… but it seems dreamy!

  3. I love that these are healthy yet look and sound delicious!

    New to your blog; happy I found you!

    Mary xo
    Delightful Bitefuls

  4. This looks really delicious. Yummy. I loved your recipe. Its just a amazing recipe. Keep it up. I have some amazing recipes too. For sure you will love it. Have a good day guys.

  5. Yummy photos! Looks delicious too and good for summer. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Have a great bite! Thank you for sharing this very nice recipe. I mean nice because my kids would love this too.

  7. Hi, just wondering if it would be possible to just use spelt flour in place of all the other flours in this recipe ? Thanks, Belinda

  8. These look great! I’m most definitely going to try these as soon as I can. Thanks for posting this recipe.


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  2. […] to add:  Don’t miss a a delightful variation of this recipe, Spiced Apple Quinoa Cookies, at Family Style Food Did I mention that it snowed this week in St. Louis? Here’s houseguest Zippy before a morning […]

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