Mangoes, Strawberries and Lime – Oh My!

Okay – so this is not much of a recipe post, but more of a celebration of seasonal fruit.

We’re right on the threshold of summer and the promise of all the sweet fruit I love – plums, peaches, cherries, nectarines – is right around the corner. Cooking and eating at this time of year is all about keeping things simple, celebrating perfectly ripe, fresh food and trying to not mess it up too much.

I’m always happy to see Champagne mangoes appear in markets in late spring. “Champagne” is a sexy marketing name, the variety is actually an Ataulfo or Manila mango from Mexico. The flesh is super sweet and has almost zero fiber – to me this readily available fruit is as close as I can get to mango heaven without having to move to the tropics.


  1. MMMM, we just had a big bowl of those mangoes with pineapple and strawberries on Sunday. I love them.

  2. I’ve been putting those mangoes in a salad of arugula, pepitas and a drizzle of cassis vinegar + almond oil (from Vom Fass). Then my children pick out the mango pieces and pour ranch on the greens…ah well…

  3. This fruit dessert sounds absolutely wonderful. I’m going to ask for this on Mother’s Day (should be something my hubby can rustle up). We still have some vanilla sugar, so may encourage him to use that in this recipe. 🙂

  4. Yum! The challenge here is to find the ripe mangoes, but we are headed into strawberry season…

  5. Alright I’ll stop stalking your blog but I had to say this. This is my kind of food. Its something I would have made yesterday in my kitchen.
    But I have a problem. When things this simple, quick and simple ( I know, I said it) are made in my kitchen, I refuse to think its a recipe and I won’t make it look good, and I won’t wait for photographs and most of the time they don’t make it to the blog. You just made me think again. That looks fabulous!

    And as if you hadn’t had enough I’m going to give you an example. I just had an open faced sandwich with Indian pauv (which is slightly sweet bread) crisped with a dash of butter topped with caramelized onions, mozarellla and a sprinkle of Sumac and sea salt. It should have made it to the blog. It was crazy good!


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