Char-Siu Pork Buns

I flagged a recipe for these Chinese barbecue pork sandwiches in Sunset magazine months ago. I finally got around to making them and they’re totally delicious.

I especially like the unusual addition of vanilla in the brine for the pork tenderloin – the flavor comes through in each bite of the sandwich, and works really well with the sweet tropical notes of the pineapple and sticky, addictive char siu sauce.

Check out to get the recipe – enjoy.


  1. These look very delicious. I always eat char siu buns with the filling well wrapped inside but yours look pretty and unique.

  2. These look really tasty! They’d work really well with my “Taste the World” Friday theme which is focused on China right now! 🙂

  3. Aww those look so cute, thanks for the link!

  4. Thanks for posting the recipe; these look amazing and will be made in our house soon!

  5. These look like fun! I think my kids would love them. The flavors seem perfect- will try soon!

  6. HughWest says:

    Do you make the buns fresh? They look delish.

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