10-Second Mediterranean Salad


Well, now that I have your attention, I admit this salad will take more than 10 seconds to toss together. Assuming you have all the ingredients, it might take more like a few minutes tops. Really. I think you can handle that.
What is it about instant gratification anyway? It’s like we’ve never lost our infantile urge to have our every need satisfied RIGHT NOW. We all know that it is just not possible to lose ten pounds in one day, or to change the world in five, but there’s always that hope. And I don’t know about you, but my days seem to be springing forth and losing substance. An hour’s worth, to be exact. I need it back!
But back to the salad – if you make a batch of the balsamic dressing (adapted slightly from the February ’08 Gourmet magazine) ahead of time, this will be a simple, speedy-fast meal. I love all the Mediterranean flavors in this salad – everything from the artichokes to the chickpeas calls out to me. Oh, wait, it must be time for lunch


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