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Whole Grain Pancakes with Roasted Pears

photo courtesy of Josh Monken

‘Tis the season to be jolly, right? To me, that means doing the rest of my holiday shopping on the internet (they deliver!), staying up past my bedtime with a glass of wine, and not getting up in the morning until I’ve read a chapter or two from my latest book. I wait until J finds his way next to my pillow, finally realizing he’s hungry for breakfast and nudging me out of the sack.

There’s no question that pancakes will be on the menu on holiday weekend mornings around here, so I dreamed up a few extra-special recipes.

The December issue of Sauce features my pancake story with more recipes – pick it up!

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The Tardy Food Blogger

A girl has to work…

For the few dozen of you who check in on my blog, I offer sincere apologies for offering nothing but the same old picture of dinner rolls. Thanksgiving seems so long ago now.

But, you’ll be happy to know that at least I’ve been keeping busy with my personal chef work, so I have that going for me.

A brief recap:

  • I “dry-brined” the turkey this year after reading a post on the Epicurious blog by Rick Rodgers, a turkey-day expert. I added some spices and a good smear of lemon-garlic butter before putting on the Weber to roast. I thought it was disappointingly dry. I’m not sure if it’s the method or simply that free range turkeys are just a bit, well, chewy. Remind me to try a different bird next year.
  • I was inspired to make big, fat cookies after looking at my friend Anna’s blog, Cookie Madness. More on that later.
  • I’ve been digesting the heated discussion about the Bon Appetit magazine redesign. I personally like the new look. Change is a good thing.

We should all be like Martha, who not only has her own blog these days, but hires people to write it for her.

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