Farm Fresh Summer Tomato Salad

Simplicity in a bowl – fresh ripe tomatoes
After a just one week here in Maine, I’m reveling in the peak of summer produce – what could be better? 

The weekly bounty

My Missouri friend Alanna (of A Veggie Venture), and Stephen Cooks, have been maintaining a virtual relationship with the folks at Wolf Pine Farm, a community-supported farm in southern Maine. In a simple twist of fate, it happens to be the very same CSA that my sister and brother-in-law belong to, and is always at the top of my list of places to visit during our annual summer trips.

As I helped L gather her weekly share, I couldn’t help thinking that summer is almost over – all the more reason to savor the simple, fleeting pleasures of sweet summer tomatoes.

Simple Summer Tomato Salad

Fresh tomatoes, in a a variety of colors and sizes
Extra-virgin olive oil, the best you can find
Finely sliced red onion, optional 

Serve the tomatoes in a bowl, drizzled with olive oil and seasoned with salt. Stir in some sliced onions, if you’re feeling adventurous.

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  1. I wish we were still eating that tomato salad! It tasted as good as it looks.

  2. Very pretty! You picked a good couple of weeks to be away! I heard Lynne Rosetto Kasper say the other day that you should add a green (upripe) tomato to the mixture, too, for both texture/taste contrast.

  3. Liza, we’ll have to load up before they’re gone.

    Alanna, I bet a green tomato would both taste and look delicious in the mix.

    I’m hoping the heatwave will have abated by the time we get home!

  4. Hi Karen…welcome to Maine!

  5. Lovely photos and interesting blog. And you like the Be Good Tanyas too!

  6. Simplicity!!!! Wonderful juicy tomatoes are a natural.

  7. Looks beautiful. Even though we will be living in Harpswell, I can’t wait to make a visit to Wolf Pine Farm.

  8. Deborah Dowd says:

    Beautiful… delicious… healthy… no cook… this is a recipe for any hot summer day!

  9. Oh, have a fabulous time in Maine, Karen. ‘Course with those beautiful tomatoes, how could you not? 🙂

  10. What a beautiful salad…full of summer colors!

  11. Hi Stephen – thanks! Maybe we’ll meet at the farm sometime…

    Gary, thanks for visiting. Be Good Tanyas are great, aren’t they?

    Valli, yes. I love simple and wish the season were just a little longer.

    Ronnie, I think you’ll love it. It’s worth a trip.

    Deborah, if only it were always that easy!

    Susan, thanks. We’re home now, but had a great visit.

    Kristen, thanks. Tomatoes are beautiful little fruits.

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