Who You Calling a Foodie?

The Bloglucker’s Table

Last week, we broke out of our usual Friday night routine and threw a potluck party for a bunch of foodies. And now I must digress.

I’ve always intensely disliked the label “foodie”, and cringe a tiny bit whenever I hear myself described as one. It’s friendly enough, but to me the word is just too cutie-pie in its diminutiveness. You might as well call me “bootie” “cookie” or “tootsie”.

According to Wikipedia, foodie is a synonym for a gourmet that emerged out of the yuppie, Silver Palate eighties, the era of sun-dried tomatoes and California cuisine. Coined by the co-authors of The Official Foodie Handbook, it seemed a slightly derogatory connotation for a certain kind of food groupie who bought foie gras futures and quoted from the Zagat guide as if it were the Old Testament.

It had some staying power, though. These days everyone’s a foodie, and proud to say so.
But what would be a better description? Gourmet, gourmand, epicurean, connoisseur? They’re all fusty, outdated words that call to mind images of white-gloved butlers and escargot out of a can.

I’m proposing a challenge to any of you who happen to be reading this to help me think of a new word. You know, something catchy, but cool. Come on! Get creative, and post a comment to share. To get this started, how about:

Fooder : heftier and more on-point than foodie, but admittedly could also refer to someone who tends to eat out of a trough.

Okay, back to business. Our assemblage of fooders was surprisingly well behaved (now I’m wondering – did we need stronger cocktails?) and the array of foods on the table was as varied and tasty as the people who brought them. And, as someone observed, we managed to talk about food pretty much the whole night.

Ian’s Venison Chili

Alanna’s Finnish Meatballs

My Crunchy Shrimp with Cilantro Ginger Dipping Sauce

Nupur’s Vegetable Biryani with Carrot Raita (photographer was vibrating)

Bruno’s Whole Grain Rustic Bread


Alanna’s Creamy Mascarpone Tart

Kristen’s Buttery Fruit Cobbler

Randall’s Artful Cheese Plate: Stilton, Aged Gouda and Marcona Almonds

In attendance were local bloggers Nupur of One Hot Stove* (see Nupur’s step-by-step biryani recipe here), Alanna of A Veggie Venture and Bruno of Zinfully Delicious along with a talented food-obsessed group from our weekly rag, The Riverfront Times; Malcolm, Kristen, Ian, Brooke and Randall.


  1. OK — I TOTALLY know what you mean about the word foodie. And although I have yet to come up with/come across a good food-enthusiast word, I HATE ‘foodie’ with a passion. It’s so childish and sounds too much like ‘phooey’! For some reason ‘food’ and ‘ie’ do not mix! And I’m glad there’s someone out there who feels the same way.

    Those dishes look freakin amazing. Looks like you all got “lucky” at the potluck! 🙂

  2. It looks like a great time. Wish I could have been there.

    (Just for the record, I don’t mind the word “foodie” much at all. Haven’t heard another word that captured it for me yet. Maybe “food enthusiast, but then, that’s two words!)

  3. It rocks mom! I loved the “meat” balls before I knew what was in them! 🙂 ha I left a comment!

  4. What a great spread and evening… thanks again for your gracious hospitality! It was nice gathering again w/ the other St. Louis “floggers” (i.e., food bloggers), and it was nice meeting other local “flovers” (i.e., food lovers). My contribution to the debate!


  5. What a great evening! This is why my husband and I never manage to have date nights… we tend to have dinner parties instead!

    I’m with you on the Foodie term… I’ll have to put my thinking cap on and see what I can come up with!

  6. Twas one great party, Karen and T — thanks so much for hosting! I’m still drooling over Malcolm’s pissa-whatever. It’s too bad foodie has taken on a negative cast – I like it, myself.

  7. That was a really fun party! I personally don’t mind foodie, and love Bruno’s “flover” 😀
    How about “foodista”? or just ‘foodist”?

  8. Yes, it was a fun time for all of us flogging,floving cookers.

    I very much like “foodist”, Nupur. Tom suggested it the other day.
    But the other -ist words that come to mind, like sadist, racist and sexist, aren’t exactly positive. That probably won’t work. Darn!

    I’m still thinking.

  9. Deborah Dowd says:

    How about gastro-knowns? or the culinators? nutritionistas? Foodielicious? Not as easy as it sounds!

  10. I don’t like the word Foodie either. When I first heard that term, I was horrified by it, but then Central Market actually created the job title of “Foodie” for their associates who help out in the store and since my friend works there, I just kind of got use to it. Thinking back to when I was a kid, my mom use to call “foodie” types “Gourmets”. But these days, you don’t have to cook to be a foodie.

  11. hi Karen!

  12. What a wonderful spread of dishes you’ve got there!
    I’m quite happy with the word ‘foodie’ as well:)

  13. Your Humble Narrator says:

    I call myself a “gourmand,” which isn’t much better than “foodie,” but at least it doesn’t sound like it was coined by a two-year old.


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